August 30, 2007

Sounds Like Power metapost - a banner day

I get occasional questions and comments about the banner images at the top of this page. There are about twenty different banners right now - each time you load the page you should get a different one, selected at random. Go ahead, reload a few times and check them out. I won't tell.

Many of them are just about the pretty pictures, but some, like the one above, have a little more to them then that. Please thank Beth for those. (Come to think of it, she made most of the pretty ones too.)

Of all of Beth's contributions, this one gets the most comments (click for full size):

That's from a press conference relating to the launch of Jet Airways transatlantic routes, or something. Yep, that's Shah Rukh Khan, and we have it on good authority that this exchange actually took place. (*)

I'm not sure which one is my favorite. They are all selected from screencaps and other pictures that I love, so I can really get lost gazing at any of them. If you twisted my arm, I think I'd choose this one


because, as I've said before, I am very partial to Shabana ji's looks when she was in her 40s. Not that she wasn't gorgeous before or hasn't been since!

Anyway, enjoy the banners. I think they are great fun, and I will continue to add more from time to time, as the muse strikes me (well, really as the muse strikes Beth).

In other news, reader Angeles reports on meeting Shabana Azmi, in a comment on this post, and confirms that Shabana ji knows about SLP. I still have to suspect that that guestbook comment was not the real deal, but it matters less now, because either way I know that she knows we're here. The news makes me all nervous and goose-pimply. I cannot imagine what it's like to be a world-famous person or a widely revered one; I suppose she takes tributes like this one in stride. Still, I deeply hope that what we're doing here pleases her; I like to think that SLP is a little different from the average Bollywood star fansite and I especially like to think that Shabana ji has noticed that.

Finally, you might have noticed that the "recent comments" links in the sidebar are broken. This appears to be some kind of issue with the comment feed at Blogger's end; it's supposedly being worked on.

(*) No, we don't.

1 comment:

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Oh don't we? We spent an awful lot of time in Jet planes in summer 2006 and flew in and out of Mumbai four times. But a professional never reveals her sources.

Thank you for the thank you. You know how I loves me some banner challenges, the Shabana-only palette being only one tiny corner of the world I usually dabble in.