August 16, 2007

On 60 years of independence - special event in Parliament

I've read a number of news reports (like this one) about Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi's appearance at a special session of Parliament yesterday commemorating India's 60th Independence Day. Javed sahib wrote and recited a poem for the occasion, Pandra agast (August 15th); Shabana ji recited an English translation.

I'm looking for the text of this poem to share with you, as well as photographs of the event; I'll let you know as soon as I find either. If you come across either before I do can you please let me know?

UPDATE: Subhash Jha wrote a nice little piece about the poem that's making the rounds of the wire services now. I still haven't found the poem itself though.

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Ray [V] said...

I heard it when janab Javed recited it in Dubai on 16th Aug 07 during the show Tiranga organized by Durga Jasraj.

It was indeed a stirring piece of poetry and I am hoping that I will come across it sooner than later