August 10, 2007

"Phirse aaiyo badra bidesi," Namkeen (1982)

This week's Shabana-gaana is all about the pretty.

As of this writing I've not yet seen Namkeen - but it's in the stack and I'm looking forward to it as it has more of my favorite names associated with it than I can count. Directed by Gulzar, music by R.D. Burman, starcast including Sanjeev Kumar, my latest crushasaurus Sharmila Tagore, and - of course - Shabana Azmi. It's pretty much my dream movie, at least on paper.

All of seen of it so far is this one song. "Phirse aaiyo badra bidesi" - this beautiful song, shot in gorgeous natural scenery, with nothing to distract from Shabana ji looking as absolutely lovely as ever. Watch the song here. And so smashing is the view that I cannot resist sharing another screencap.

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