August 14, 2007

The couplet

Is everyone dying to know: what were the lines that Javed sahib spun on Koffee with Karan, when Karan asked him to describe Shabana ji in a couplet?

I listened to it many times, Urdu dictionary in hand, and I think I've got it; I learned some new Urdu words. I can't write in Urdu (yet) so I hope Javed sahib will forgive me for putting it down in Devanagari. I think he will.

खुश-शक्ल भी है वह, यह अलग बात है मगर
हमको हमेशा ज़हीन लोग अज़ीज़ थे |

(khush-shakl bhii hai voh, yeh alag baat hai magar
hamko hamesha zahiin log aziiz the.)

She is quite good-looking, but setting that aside
Intelligent people have always been precious to me.
vaah vaah! kya baat hai.

(There was a couplet about Karan too, but I haven't really put the effort in on that one.)

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Anonymous said...

i ws just watching a re run of koffee with karan and heard that couplet. fell in love wit it,just ran a search on google for it n found it on dis blog.thanks!!