August 23, 2007

Coming up empty

I have been earnestly searching for information on two unrelated events and I've come up completely empty on both. Please, if you have a line on either, let me know, either by leaving a comment here or sending email to

  • First, Shabana Azmi's upcoming trip to the United States. I know she is speaking at Cornell next week. Has anyone heard of any other appearances?
  • Second, has anyone come across any text (in Hindi or English) of Javed Akhtar's poem Pandra Agast (15 August) which Javed sahib and Shabana ji recited in Parliament's special session for Independence Day last week? I suppose it's possible that Javed sahib didn't want it reproduced, because I cannot find it anywhere. The closest I could find is this article, which includes a few lines that may or may not be quoted from the English version of the poem.
Here is one more tidbit of news: At the Toronto International Film Festival next month, there will be a screening of four short films highlighting issues relating to AIDS in India. The project was spearheaded by Mira Nair, and Shabana Azmi is in one of the four films. See the last segment of this report on the TIFF blog for more.

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