April 9, 2008

March poll recap and April poll: If not Shah Rukh, then who?

It was close for a while, but by the end of the March poll, the result was pretty clear: 17 of you want to see Shah Rukh Khan romancing with Shabana Azmi, versus 12 of you (well, of us) who don't.

This is, to me, the best way to see Shabana ji on the screen with Shah Rukh:

See, he knows his place! -- I'm joking; I don't mean to bash Shah Rukh Khan, who with the right script and direction is entertaining enough even to me. But last month's poll does raise the inevitable question: who would you most like to see in an older-woman, younger-man romance with Shabana Azmi? I've put a rather arbitrary selection of choices in the poll on the right; go ahead and register your vote. Shah Rukh is included - but even if you voted for him in the previous poll, he doesn't have to be your first choice now. And, I'm sure I've missed some good candidates, so if you pick "other," please let us know who you'd pick. ETA: yes, I was very sleepy when I wrote the poll and actually didn't include an "other" option. Durrh. You still have the option, just leave a comment! sorry....