August 24, 2007

At least it's not the Congress of Interplanetary Initiatives

Thanks to Sally, who emailed me this morning, I know of one more stop on Shabana Azmi's itinerary for this week's trip to the U.S.: Salt Lake City, for a conference called the Congress of Planetary Initiaives. Its mission statement:

The Object is to locate all possible Areas of Agreement that can serve to foster a World-Wide Affiliation of Peoples who can, while maintaining and respecting Difference, sincerely find Common Cause that will sustain the continued existence of Planetary Life forms under threat today by both Violence and Greed.
That, to my jaded postmodern mind, sounds a little too mushy to really be of much use, but their hearts are clearly in the right place, and I wish them the best. (What's with all the capitalized common nouns though?)

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