January 31, 2008

Gratuitous screencaps: Mandi (1983)

Let there be screencaps!

I published my comments on Mandi yesterday at Filmi Geek, and here as promised is a rich selection of screencaps therefrom. Shabana Azmi was delectable in this excellent film, and it's the kind of performance that yields wonderful screencaps - a wide range of emotions, expressed vividly and broadly. So there we have Shabana ji








and just looking pretty:



Aung Phyoe said...

Wow , what the magnificent screen caps ! I love your review and I got many comments for confused ending on my youtube videos of Mandi. Anyway this is an excellent film and for me one of Shabanaji greatest performances. I perfer Mandi than both Arth and Masoom.

With Regards,
Aung Phyoe

Anonymous said...

Hola Carla,

Thanks a lot for the screen caps, they are delicious. I watched Mandi recently and I was hooked! I watched it 3 times over the next week..

I was wondering about that tatoo on Shabanaji's arm, what is it a tatoo of? do you know?


Filmi Geek said...

Glad you liked them fanatica - I love posting screencaps! I can gaze at them all day (I have tested this claim empirically!).

I noticed the mark and am not sure what it is - I have thought it was either a tattoo that is part of the costume or a bruise Shabana ji sustained during shooting!