January 3, 2008

More on the Bhutto bio-pic?

Well, not really more on it. The same story I cited a couple of days ago is still making the rounds on the wires and the blogosphere.

Reader Melinda pointed out in a comment that Mahesh Bhatt has signed on to a Bhutto bio-pic - here's a story on that from the Hindustan Times. That story says Bhatt's film is a Pakistani production, and though casting hasn't yet been announced, I wouldn't be surprised if one of Pakistan's excellent older actors takes on the role instead of Shabana ji. UPDATE: Mahesh Bhatt offers the clarification that his production company is talking to people in Pakistan about the film, but that it's only an agreement "in principle" to proceed, and it's too soon after Ms. Bhutto's death to really start developing the project.

My own guess is that there will likely be more than one Bhutto bio-pic project announced in the coming year - maybe Bhatt's and Tariq Ali's and maybe one or two more. Perhaps only one will make it through to release, or perhaps more than one. At any rate, it seems all but certain that Shabana ji will get involved in one of them. She's interested in playing the role, and the casting is just too good to resist.

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