January 25, 2008

Farhan Akhtar's promotional event

I had in my automated news searches a few reports about a promotional event for watchmaker A. Lange & Söhne, a company with which Farhan Akhtar is affiliated; his whole family came out to stump for him. (The Times of India article linked above includes Kaifi Azmi in the list of family members who made it to the event; somehow I don't think Kaifi sahib was really up to it.) I didn't think the stories themselves were interesting enough to warrant mention here but dormeg found a picture that caught my attention for a couple of reasons.

Javed sahib, Shabana ji, and Farhan Akhtar you will of course recognize. On the left is Tanvi Azmi, Shabana ji's sister in law (Baba Azmi's wife), who is a noted television (and to a lesser extent film) actor. I very rarely seem to see news from that quarter of Shabana ji's family so it's interesting to me to see her turning up here, and she's lovely. (I don't know who the gentleman on the right is; presumably some A. Lange & Söhne executive.)

The other thing that caught my attention about this picture is that Shabana ji is wearing the very same sari that was ripped to shreds (figuratively) by the fashionistas I mentioned in this post. So even if Shabana ji (or her staff) does monitor critiques published on the internet - hardly likely - she is showing the courage of her fashion convictions when it comes to this sari. For the record: it's not my favorite; I've seen her in much better. She still looks great though! Farhan and his dad look very fine as well.


Daddy's Girl said...

This is the first time I'm seeing Farhan's new hair - cute.

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