January 8, 2008

January Poll: Which decade makes you say "guh"?

For January - I promised as vapid and superficial poll as one can imagine, and I think I'd be hard-pressed to come up with one as content-free as this. So here it is:

In which decade is Shabana Azmi at her loveliest? I'm talking about looks here, and looks alone. That's it, bas. Is it:

The elven 1970s?

The glamorous 1980s?

The introspective 1990s?

The arch 2000s?

And I know it's tough to choose - my own vote, for the 1990s, does not mean I think she's less than stunning now or that I wouldn't be content with only earlier images if I had no other choice. But Shabana ji's 1990s looks have something extra, something special and close to my heart - the blush of new love, I suspect, since the first films of hers that I saw were from that era. What about you? We've got a whole year ahead of us to discuss politics, acting, activism, and films. For this month, let's just focus on the frivolous.

1 comment:

RuthS. said...

hmmm...80s or 00s