October 3, 2007

So who makes her top 25?

After yesterday's rumination on what makes Shabana ji sexy, it seems time to turn the tables.

What I find sexy is when a man is wearing a sherwani and he speaks beautiful English, and when he is wearing a three-piece suit and speaks beautiful Urdu. That I find very sexy.
-- Shabana Azmi

Source: Koffee with Karan, season 1. When pressed, Shabana ji went on to say that although he has been known to do all of those things, she does not consider Javed Akhtar the sexiest man in India. "Of course not," she said. "Nobody would believe me if I said that."

I don't know; I think I would believe her. He's a very good-looking guy.

And do you really think Shabana Azmi would lose her head over just anyone?

What I like about Shabana ji's comment above is the syncretic aspect of it - not a thoroughly traditional man, not an overly westernized one, but a man who takes the best aspects of both, makes them excellent, and makes them his own.


Daddy's Girl said...

I don't know about sexiest man in India (after all, there's still the man I love ;-), Dharam ji), but Javed saab does strike me as being very intelligent and also pretty funny - both of which I usually find sexy in a person of either gender.

I very much agree with what you say about Shabana's quote from KWK, and I would also add that her words indicate that she finds confidence sexy. A man who is not afraid to speak his excellent Urdu while wearing a suit, or his excellent English while wearing a lungi (don't know what a sherwani is - must find out) is a confident man - he doesn't care that some might think he's 'selling out' in some way or being pretentious or whatever - I think he is comfy in his own skin - he's proud of who he is and the diverse influences that have shaped him.

Very cute photos here - I love the first one...

Filmi Geek said...

Confidence, that's a nice way to put it.

Oh - and here are some lovely sherwani suits: http://tinyurl.com/324m4u