October 4, 2007

Where she was

Here's why Shabana Azmi couldn't make it to the Loins of Punjab Presents screening at SAIFF last night:

  • On Tuesday she was in Delhi for a rally in support of artist M.F. Hussain (creator of the film Gaja Gamini, among other things). M.F. Hussain's paintings of nudes using Hindu imagery have drawn a lot of controversy, and he now lives in self-imposed exile in Dubai and London, fearing prosecution - or worse - should he return to India.
  • On Wednesday, also in Delhi, Shabana ji attended an award ceremony for the Sarojini Naidu prizes for reporting on women in local government. She had served on the jury and also presented some of the awards. Click the link to read about the honorees.
I didn't make it to SAIFF either, having rearranged my priorities when it became clear that Shabana ji was not going to be there. I think I did the right thing. But if any of you were there, let us know what you thought of the movie.

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