October 11, 2007

Hint of a new project?

I just came across this in a Times of India article about Rekha (whose 53rd birthday was yesterday):

[Rekha] is starring in Hema Malini’s production with Esha Deol, [and] another with Shabana Azmi titled Sadiyaan.
My perfunctory Google searches turned up only that same article. IMDB doesn't yet show anything on Shabana ji's plate after Loins of Punjab Presents, and for Rekha only a recently announced Krrish sequel - but when it comes to Indian films IMDB is sometimes the last to know. Has anyone heard anything more about this?

Shabana and Rekha have appeared in a couple of movies together before, like Ek hi raasta, with Jeetendra, which I haven't seen:

I'm not crazy about Rekha, but I hope Times of India is right about Sadiyaan, because a film that has roles for these two women might be really interesting. "Sadiyaan," by the way, means "centuries," which also sounds interesting. As always, I will keep you posted if I learn more.


secretchamber4 said...


Carla, I have seen the movie... Shabanaji's as always superb. But I think its mainly focused on Rehka. Its not something which I will watch again because the ending is very sad.
I will not tell you what happens.

Filmi Geek said...

I'm guessing you are talking about *Ek hi raasta*, and not *Sadiyaan*... I am sure I will see *Ek hi raasta* sooner or later; it's hard for me not to watch movies with Shabana ji in them when I get the chance. :)

secretchamber4 said...

Ya... I was referring to that one... Its an old movie.. I saw it on TV...
We have all these Indian Channels through Satellite... I live in Sri Lanka..