September 4, 2007

Indian TV commercial for LOPP

Via Manish at Ultrabrown, the first Indian TV commercial for Loins of Punjab Presents.

Tickets for the opening at the South Asian International Film Festival have not get gone on sale on the SAIFF website - I'll keep checking and report here as soon as that changes.


Aung Phyoe said...

Hi !
Do u have any information this smovie show in Singapore or not ! I cannot get any information as far as I concern! If u have ready please inform ! Ur blog is getting better and better !

Filmi Geek said...

Aung, at the moment I don't know of any distribution plans for except the Sept. 21 theatrical release in India, and the SAIFF screenings in New York in October. I'll let you know if I find out more.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to the SAIFF premiere screening of Loins of Punjab, and to seeing Shabana in person here in NY when she is honored with a nice award - BUT -- I find I myself with disappointment tinged with annoyance at the way the event is being organized.

Tickets (not yet on sale) are for 1) usd 25/35 at door and then 2) a usd 225 VIP ticket including a party at a very celebrity-ish place downtown, scheduled for after the movie.

I don't like the mix of VIP price, party location, volunteer organization (this isn't the Lincoln Center Film Festival with year-round overhead and a dedicated theatre to maintain through contributions), and Shabana.

I have occasionally been happy to splurge on an expensive ticket for a cultural event with a philanthropic purpose - at Lincoln Center, say. But, perhaps wrongly, in this case I suspect that I'd be paying all this money to provide an expensive free party for the people who run this festival.

Though Shabana is brilliant in her Bollywood roles, I think most of her fans are people who love her in her non-Bollywood Hindi (and other) movies, as well as admiring her for her work in India for social causes. To me this audience is not so much the big-money-party-going audience -- when they are prosperous, which one wishes for all of course, I don't think this is what they might do with what they have.

The Festival doesn't owe it to Shabana's NY fans, certainly, to provide us with an expensive-but-affordable (like usd 100) [sorry dollar sign broken] little reception before the show (wine in plastic glass, bottled water) where people could meet each other and maybe stammer their little messages of appreciation to Shabana - but I'd like them better if they did. (They could still have the fun of their blowout at Spice Cafe later).

Nobody's stayng away because of this of course, but it would be nice if it were nicer!!

With affection and respect,
Darshana of Bollywhat

ANGELES said...

Hi Guys, I totally agree with Darshana about the ticket price and the rest (include Philly's fans :))The VIP ticket was 75 bucks last year!! Well... honestly, I guess I am going to buy the ticket just to see my Indian Queen.I was thinking that I would just say "Hi" to her (the most expensive "hi" in my life, ever) and leave,since I wouldn't know anybody... but now I think it could be a nice chance to meet you guys!

Anonymous said...

Actually quite seriously, I suggest we have our own "party" someplace after this event - by whih I mean some kind of easy plan to meet up someplace afterward for a drink or something.

Maybe Carla will let us announce it on here when there are tickets available.

I'd say we should have it right near the big-money party and invite Shabana - but I don't know if there's anyplace with normal prices and a normal environment (a neighborhood feel vs a "scene" feel) in that neighborhood!!

PS it's not Spice Cafe where their thing is of course (that is a nice Indian chain), it is Spice Market.

Darshana of Bollywhat

Anonymous said...

Guys, if we could get together and invite Shabana I am totally in for it. It will definitely have to be near that place I guess. I don't know the area. Carla, what do you think?
Anyone else?
Take care

Filmi Geek said...

Honestly, the idea of inviting Shabana ji scares me witless. That doesn't mean I won't take a deep breath and do it, but it scares the poop out of me!

Anonymous said...

I'm in for a private party of Shabana lovers if you all are! I know of plenty of spots and would be happy to help brainstorm a location, but do know NY is almost exclusively high-end these days. Nonetheless, it's not impossible. It can be a very informal gathering of Shabana devotees. That alone is party enough.

As for inviting the Great One herself...WOO HOOOO!...why the heck not?!


ANGELES said...

I think we just have to find a way to contact her. Easier said than done? We just have to think of something. If I could take time off work I would go to New York for this demostration they are planning against hunger in the world and not only demonstrate but also give her a note or talk to her and tell her, who knows. On October 3rd I think it's gonna be a little bit harder unless we demonstrate outside the Indian restaurant and beg her to come out!!!
Why don't we think of a place near that restaurant and then see how to tell her?
How many are we so far? Carla, Sue, me...

Anonymous said...

Strangely, the after party is in what is known as the Meatpacking District -- pretty far away (almost 60 city blocks) from the theatre that the film will play in. That neighborhood is all the rage and ever-so-hip -- actually too much so. Go 1 or 2 blocks southward and the vibe clears; suddenly it's no longer a "Scene" with a capital S but the West Village (Greenwich Village, that is), which is very relaxed and sweet. My house is literally a 10-minute car ride across the river from there in Jersey City and I'd offer it as a place to celebrate, but I seriously doubt that we could lure Shabanaji to the outer boroughs for the night! Any other thoughts?


Filmi Geek said...

Regarding party location: I have asked Darshana to come up with some ideas for good locations, either near Spice Market or in other parts of Manhattan. I will keep you posted. Darshana and a couple of our other friends from the BollyWHAT? forums will be joining us as well.

As a matter of mechanics, contacting Shabana ji is not a problem - I can email her, if we decide that is the best course.

However, I am hesitant to issue an outright invitation to her. After all, she is committed to spending the evening with the cast and crew of her movie, celebrating with them and schmoozing with others to promote the film. It is presumptuous of us, and I fear inappropriate, to ask her to ditch them even for a little while just to come visit us, somewhere else.

I think we can let her know that we'll be there, without making anything that might be misinterpreted as a presumptuous demand on her time. That might be the best thing to do.

ANGELES said...

Carla, please, e-mail her! Let her know that we will be there. She may come to see us. Don't "invite" her if you feel it is inappropiate, but we have to try! Just tell her "my Queen, we will be out there with our hearts beating fast waiting to see you! ;)
Seriously, do e-mail her, please. She may answer.

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right, Carla. It's her job and obligation to be at the afterparty. However, a nearby group of genuinely admiring fans (um...slightly understated???) might just be touching enough for her to pop her head in! (Talk about presumptuous...I'm being terrible now!)

Anyway, I look forward to making/hearing about plans.


fadista da mouraria said...

Go for it! Shabana would not be the person we so admire if she weren't flattered to get a message saying that you lot had arranged to meet for a meal after the film opening near wherever the 225 dollar bash is to be. Filmi geek will know how to compose a wonderful message! Shabana might not be able to make it, but surely it's not presumptuous to tell her that you will be very nearby (draw map) should she choose to pop her head in. At the worst you will just have a great time together sans Shabana but expecting her at any moment. In the possible event of disappointment, you will draw comfort and succour from each other and liquid pain-dullers. And then, at the best ...! Plus the knowledge that you have probably saved her from some part of an atrociously boring evening. I'll be thinking of you.