September 15, 2007

On charity, activism, and LOPP

With Loins of Punjab Presents set for release in India in just a couple of days there are bound to be a few little articles about Shabana Azmi coming out here and there. Here is one from DNA India; though it's very short, it covers a lot of ground - the movie, activism, Javed sahib, &c. An excerpt:

Though socialites taking up social causes is not new, the actress feels it’s more the merrier. “Many get involved with charity because it’s considered fashionable. But many times, they end up doing a lot more. And it’s very encouraging as they are the movers and shakers of the society,” says Azmi who has been involved with rehabilitation of 12,000 families of slum dwellers in the city. “I am not superior in any way in terms of the kind of work I do. Any bit done ultimately helps the larger purpose,” she adds further.
The rest of the piece.

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