September 7, 2007

"Aaja zara mere dil ke sahaare," Fire (1996)

Today's is an unusual Shabana-gaana. The song is "Aaja zara mere dil ke sahaare" from 1957's Ek Jhalak, sung by Hemant Kumar and Geeta Dutt. Deepa Mehta used the song in Fire in a very sweet scene in which the young, impulsive Seeta (Nandita Das) prevails upon the reserved and introverted Radha (Shabana ji) to cut loose and dance for some members of their household. "I'm afraid I'll make a fool of myself," Radha says. Seeta answers, "So what's wrong with that?" Here's the song.

I recently translated this song at a reader's request, so I offer the translation here. The usual caveats apply - I am learner, so correctness is not guaranteed!

H: aaja zara
aaja zara mere dil ke sahaare dil-ruba
Come to me, just come to me my darling, my heart’s desire
tere lie mere dil mein teri yaad hai javaan
For you, memories of you are fresh in my heart

G: are ja ja ja dekh li hai main ne shekhi teri
Go away from me – I have seen enough of your boasting
na sata ja ja ab na chalegi yahaan chaalen teri
Don’t torment me, go away, your wiles won’t work here anymore

H: tu ne na jaana main hun divaana
You haven't figured out that I’m crazy about you
dil me chhupi hain muhabbat teri
Your love is hidden in my heart

G: kuchh nahin yahaan
There’s nothing here for you.

H: aaja zara.....
Come to me &c.

H: are aa aa aa maan le o gori kahana mera
O, come to me, o lovely fair one, believe what I say
na jala aa aa achchha nahin dur rahana tera
Don’t make me jealous, come, it’s no good to stay so far away

G: pahle akadana phir paanv paDana
First you harass me, then fall on my feet and beg me
duniya men mardon ki aadat buri
In this world men behave so badly

H: jaaegi kahaan
Where will you go?
H: aaja zara...........
Come to me &c.

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