September 19, 2007

Birthday news roundup

Once again, if you missed yesterday's birthday post, please have a look and drop a note if you want to. For today, here's a roundup of a couple of little news articles noting Shabana Azmi's birthday.

  • Times of India reports on Shabana ji's sweet birthday wish: great success to Manish Acharya, writer and director of Loins of Punjab Presents.
  • This wire service report (I'm not sure of its provenance) tells us that Shabana ji didn't plan a party for this year's birthday because her home is under renovation, and she and Javed sahib are living crammed into a small corner of the house. (Let me tell you, I feel her pain on this one - my renovation project is well into its fourth month and I want my kitchen and master bath back!) Also, Shabana ji notes that she is observing Ramadan, another reason to forgo any festivities.
  • Finally, one more reason a birthday party would have been impractical - it looks like Shabana ji is in New York this week. The Wall Street Journal places her at the UN protesting for the right to food with HungerFREE. Here's a little more about this from Hindustan Times. (Thanks to dormeg for the link.) That last article also provides this week's bon mot:
It's very simple, really. Food needs to be put on everyone's plate.... How can we think of making progress, when everyone doesn't get enough to eat?
I love this woman!

If Shabana ji is in the States this week, it's possible that she won't return to India between now and the Loins of Punjab Presents premier on October 3. I'll keep you posted with any news of further U.S. appearances that may cross my desk here at SLP's cyberstalking headquarters (*) - please let me know if you hear of any as well.

(*) joke.

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Sanket Vyas said...

Didn't know if you saw this little piece of news...

Javed's birthday treat for Shabana

By Subhash K. Jha, September 19, 2007 - 10:33 IST

Last week on Star's music contest Voice Of India which was a family – reunion special, Shabana Azmi brought about a rapprochement between the estranged musician-brothers Jatin and Lalit.

"Trust me, it wasn't planned or orchestrated. It happened spontaneously because of the electrifying atmosphere. That evening I realized how sentimental we Indians are."

Guess what Bollywood's golden couple did on Shabana's birthday on Monday? Javed Akhtar brought in his wife's 56th birthday by watching Chak De India at a suburban theatre.

Says Shabana, "Would you believe we hadn’t seen the film as yet. I came back from Chennai and we went straight for Chak De India. Javed and I hadn't seen it as yet. 10.30 in the night people were clapping and whistling….Lovely film. Only the two of us. The girls are so spontaneous. Shah Rukh Khan is a revelation. My respect for Aditya Chopra has shot up manifold. To convince the producer to put money into something so removed from the norm isn't easy."

Happy birthday Shabanaji!!!