November 8, 2007

When life gets too busy

I thought this news snippet was bittersweet and cute:

Javed Akhtar is very upset with his wife. "And rightly so. We’re in the same city and we haven’t seen each other’s face for nearly a week. It’s okay if we’re in different cities. But come on, not meeting one another in the same city is a bit too much," Shabana laughs without amusement.
The article goes on to enumerate some of what Shabana ji is up to at the moment. (I can't vouch for the source; the blog it was on provided no source info. ETA: Thanks to Sally for the real source.)

The most eye-popping aspect, though, is the accompanying photo, reproduced below. Pardon me a superficial moment: If it's current, it means she's had a haircut, but also look how slim she is! (ETA: Again thanks to Sally, not current, rather two years old.)

Perhaps this goes hand-in-hand with being a brand ambassador for a fitness company. I feel I should do something about my own lard-butt issues before the next time I meet her.


Anonymous said...

Carla, have you seen Shabana's perf in OSO? She's such a sport! Hilarious!

Filmi Geek said...

Not yet Maajhi - it looks like I'll be going tonight (Sunday).