November 28, 2007

Kibosh on Sadiyaan

This news report from the gossip rag Mumbai Mirror says that Shabana Azmi will not be costarring with Rekha in Raj Kanwar's next film as was previously rumored. The article takes the opportunity to dish more snark, reporting without basis that Rekha ji herself is the reason Shabana ji has "walked out" of the film. "What else could be the reason for her sudden decision?" it asks.

Javed sahib supplies some possible answers: dates, or money. I'll provide some others: perhaps on reflection she decided she didn't like the character, or the script.

Or, maybe she doesn't want to work with Rekha after all. Only the principals know for sure. Here's what I know: I don't much care if Shabana ji is friendly with Rekha ji, or not. I would be happy to see Shabana ji signing for a new film, though, even if it's not Sadiyaan.

(Thanks to JodhaBai at BollyWHAT for the link.)

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