November 29, 2007

All this can be yours

Isn't that lovely?

The original print is available on eBay. I have been known occasionally to buy Shabana Azmi memorabilia on eBay - mostly old gossip magazines that I will write about here some time - but I'm not really motivated to buy a print like this one. It's yours - at the moment for only Rs. 90 - if you want it.


Anonymous said...

Stunning!! Why aren't you motivated to buy it?

Filmi Geek said...

With the old gossip magazines, I can read them, get a window into that slice of Indian pop culture, and learn something about Shabana Azmi (assuming anything written in them can be trusted!). With a picture, there's nothing to do but gaze at it and then put it away. I don't know - the temptation to buy just isn't as strong.