November 2, 2007

Two ghazals from In Custody (1993)

I stumbled across this week's Shabana-gaana about a week ago, and I've already watched the clip four or five times. It's simply outstanding.

In this clip, in addition to Shabana Azmi, you will also see Om Puri and Shashi Kapoor (looking a little rounder than he was in the song I posted last week - I didn't recognize him at first; I found myself thinking "That fellow looks rather like a KapooOH MY GOD."). It's from Ismail Merchant's In Custody, yet another film sitting in my to-be-watched pile. The dialogue toward the end of the clip provides some context; it seems quite bitter and sad.

In case you weren't sure, Shabana ji is singing her own ghazals in this clip. Having listened to the ghazal "Gulab jism ka" from Anjuman an unholy number of times (it's available on iTunes), I'd know her singing voice anywhere, especially singing a ghazal. (ETA: And the mind plays tricks; I was completely wrong about that. I should have said "I'd hear her singing voice anywhere" rather than "I'd know ...." See the comments.) What a clip - outstanding!


Anonymous said...

Carla-ji, I'd like to congratulate you for making such an interesting blog on a fascinating film personality. When someone spends so much time doing thought provoking cinema and worthy causes, it's only fitting that something stimulating be written about them, and you're certainly more than capable of that.

I love the choice of music video you've put up here- it has a meandering and intense beauty to it. And the voice! Truly beautiful. Actually, this is not the voice of Shabana-ji- as talented as she is, it does take years of classical training to sound this good, and that is the type of background and work for which Kavita Subramaniam (nee Krishnamurty) is known for. Since you've obviously enjoyed Kavita's work, you should look up more of it- we'll wax philosophical over it together.


Filmi Geek said...

James, thanks for the correction; I am mortified to have gotten that wrong. I meant no disrespect to Kavitaji or her training; I suppose I've listened to those *Anjuman* songs too many times and they've clouded my brain, because it really sounds a lot like Shabanaji's own voice. I suppose now that you mention it I'll hear that it's a far more polished voice than in the *Anjuman* songs, but still, very very similar.