June 24, 2008

This time I am sure who it is

Okay, this is the earliest picture of Shabana Azmi and Javed Akhtar that I have yet to see. In contrast to a similar previous post in which I made a total ass of myself with one of my more boneheaded factual errors, this time I will restrain my squee to a more dignified pitch.

They are completely gorgeous, though, are they not?


Anonymous said...

They really are! completely gorgeous together!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they are very cute together. How long have they been married? I read one of her interviews where she was asked about children. She said something like, she let time past and by the time she was ready, she couldn't anymore. But she does feel like a mother with Javed's kids.

Those weren't her exact words but it's something like that.

TNL said...

What a great picture....I admire them both!
Lovely to find this site about one of my most adored women of India...