June 10, 2008

June poll: most anticipated upcoming project?

Here we are, ten days into the month, and I remain completely without inspiration for a poll topic. So instead of something clever and interesting I have resorted to the very dull question: which of Shabana Azmi's upcoming projects are you looking forward to the most?

Here is a rundown of the choices with links to where they were discussed on SLP.

Kalpvriksh: Manika Sharma's fairy tale, ready for release later this year. No word yet on Shabana ji's role, but the film looks promising and cute.

Sorry Bhai: Onir's romantic comedy, also expected later this year. The return of the popular pair of Shabana Azmi and Boman Irani makes this one too promising to miss.

Hamlet adaptation: Another Onir project, recently announced; I have my doubts about this one but will keep an open mind.

Benazir Bhutto biopic: Mahesh Bhatt's production hit some setbacks, and I never heard whether Shabana ji was in consideration for Robert Redford's Hollywood version. But the latest news on this was that something was going on that Shabana ji was not talking about.

Anubhav Singh satire: This only came up once, but so tickled am I by the prospect of Shabana Azmi in a political satire that I had to include it in the poll.

Other: if you browse the upcoming films section of SLP you will see lots of rumors and speculation of projects that don't pan out. Maybe some of these are simply shelved and will emerge, renewed, at a later time. If your most anticipated Shabana ji film is one of these, or even something else that I've missed, choose "other" and let us know in the comments.

In other news, I'd like to send out once more my desperate appeal: send me guests posts, folks, please. I want you to contribute to SLP. I can't be the only person on Earth whose keyboard is busting out to talk about Shabana Azmi. Send me your essays, reviews, comments, poetry, whatever. I will post them anonymously if you like. Just write to me at filmigeek at comcast dot net and get yourself heard on SLP.


Anonymous said...

Hello. If you go to Times of India website there's a video clip on the left side that says Aishwaryra Rai Bachchan was being approached to play Benazir Bhutto. Hmmm. This would be a huge mistake for the film maker and the producer to actually have her play the role. I love Aishwarya but I don't think she has the acting prowess to play such a powerful, intelligent and complicated woman.

When I first heard that Shabana will play Benazir I was so elated. I don't think any other actress could play her. The only other person I can think of would be Tabu but Shabana would be my first choice.

I don't know what people are thinking to even have Aishwarya be in the running to play Benazir. I may be wrong but Aishwarya is a good actress but it requires a great actress to play such a figure like Benazir Bhutto. It commands presence on screen and I don't think Aishwarya has that.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of upcoming projects, I am hoping that there will be a project for Tabu and Shabana to star together. I am sure I am not the only one hoping for this to happen.

I heard that Tehzeeb was supposed to have Tabu and Shabana but I don't know what happened there. But it's around the time that Tabu had a self-imposed two-year sabbatical, so that could be why she ended up not doing the film. I know that she filmed 5 movies before this and after doing Maqbool, she decided to take a two-year break.

I hope for another project to come along starring two of the best actresses around.

Filmi Geek said...

I like the idea of Tabu and Shabana together as well, but I am quite happy with *Tehzeeb* as it is, so I can't really complain about that result.

To consider Aishwarya for Benazir Bhutto - well, that would have to be a very different film from one in which you would consider Shabana ji, a film about a different time in Ms. Bhutto's life. If you want to do a film about Ms. Bhutto as Prime Minister, her exile, and her return and assassination, it makes no sense to cast someone so young. And that is leaving aside my own personal response to Aishwarya, which is cold cold cold.

Thanks for your comments Marbs; no vote in the poll though??

Anonymous said...

The film will surely cover Benazir early life and yes that would require a younger actress to play but I don't think Aishwarya would be fit to play even the younger Benazir Bhutto. I would still vote for Tabu to play the younger Benazir Bhutto and Shabana to play her in the latter part of her life.

Yeah I was fine with Urmila playing the daughter of Shabana in Tehzeeb so i too have no complaint. Arjun Rampal looked so good in that film, if I may add. hehehe

I will vote in the poll. I'm quite fascinated with Benazir Bhutto's life so I will vote for that one for sure. I mean, to be a woman and the leader of male dominated political party and in a country where a woman is still considered second class, is just something that amazed me about her.

On mouthshut.com, I wrote a piece on Tabu and I will be writing something soon about Shabana. I have watched only a few of her movies but I am desperately looking for more of her movies. I am currently watching "Godmother". I now have Arth, Mrityudad, Mandi and Dharavi. I just saw "Sparsh" over the weekend and cried. I love that movie. Naseeruddin Shah is an amazing actor. I loved him on Mandi and also in Maqbool.Now, I want to see another movie of them together.