April 13, 2012

Shabana-gaana! "Rang Birange Nazaare"

This week's Shabana-gaana is from Atithee (1978), a movie I have not seen.


"Rang birange nazaare" is a nice enough duet, though I have to admit that Shabana ji's performance in the song is fairly generic and uninspired.  Songs like this really don't play to her strengths, even this early in her career when she frequently played the masala heroine.  She did better hamming it up in the funny songs in Parvarish.  

The real question this video raises is:  Why did the costume designer helmet Shashi with such a terrible wig, when he has such gorgeous natural curls?


Ankita said...

never heard of this one! i saw morning raga the other day...Shabana is a delight! i wonder how she manages the south indian accent so perfectly!

and another one called Zhooti shaan...err...not recommended!

Filmi Geek said...

I am not crazy about Morning Raga myself. Shabana ji is far and away the best thing about it and the rest of the film is so amateurish, it rather feels like she is giving a master class.

I just looked up Jhooti Shaan, it does look rather, er, questionable. Sometimes that early-90s badness can be fun in its own very special unique sort of way ... and sometimes it's really just not worth it!

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