October 15, 2011

Apne paraye (1980) - review and gratuitous screencaps

I finally finished my review of Basu Chatterjee's 1980 movie Apne paraye - you can read the review on Filmi Geek. I was somewhat disappointed with the movie but Shabana Azmi's performance was one of its strong points. Her expression was able to add nuance to her characterization that was missing from the dialog alone.

Here at Sounds Like Power, though, we are all about the pretty. And so here are some gratuitous screen captures from the film, for your enjoyment!

One thing that seems to be true of Basu Chatterjee - he (well, his costume designers) seem to love draping Shabana ji in an endless parade of gorgeous saris. I once tried to count all the different saris in Swami - I lost count around 14, all vibrant and lovely with wonderful detail work. Apne paraye offers almost that many. Sartorially, at least, the movie does not disappoint!


Ankita said...

I love to see Shabana in bright coloured sarees...even in Ankur and Nishant, she looked stunning in bright red n yellow sarees!

Ankita said...

i have seen 'swami' long ago...and i think her name featured in the credits for costumes and hair...