September 13, 2011

Kaifi & I

Longtime commenter and friend of SLP Sally reminded me that Shaukat Kaifi's memoir, Kaifi aur Main, has now been published in an English translation. As much as I'd love to read the book in Urdu, I allowed myself a moment of realism and bought a copy of the translation.

It arrived today, and I'll make posts about it here as I read it.

Oh, and in case you are new to SLP or to Shabana Azmi, let me be less cryptic - Shaukat Kaifi is Shabana Azmi's mother; the book is reminiscence about life with Kaifi Azmi, Shabana ji's father. The blurb from Amartya Sen on the back of the book says: "They were united not only by love and marriage, but also by an individually assessed joint commitment to social change, artistic creativity, and personal and political ethics. In this excellent translation we have a lively account of an important part of Indian history...."


Sally said...

Hey Carla,

just back from vacation and am glad to see that you now have your copy of Kaifi and I. Also impressed that Shabana ji responded to your tweet about it! I really enjoyed the book and look forward to your review of it. Also, think you are leaving soon for India (?) and hope you'll have time to see a lot. I've been twice and am already thinking about my third trip!

Filmi Geek said...

Thanks Sally. I am more than halfway through the book - been meaning to say something about it but life has been awfully busy lately between the High Holidays and a few other things going on.

I'm not leaving for India until February - lots of life to get through before then - I'm sure I'll talk about it more here as the date approaches. I haven't even gone yet and I'm already thinking about my second trip. ;)