February 6, 2009

"Halke halke," Apne paraye (1980)

Our first post-hiatus Shabana-gaana is a pretty song from Basu Chatterjee's 1980 film Apne paraye. I have had this film in my collection for ages but still have not got round to watching it.

The song is sung competently by Lata Mangeshkar but I don't find her a great match for Shabana Azmi, who by the way looks completely lovely in the song.

The video is not embeddable so click here to watch it on YouTube.


Anonymous said...

The tune of song Halke Halke haunted my memories since last 25 years. I heard this song first on a Gramophone Record when I was young. Later I watched the movie on TV, same year. This 'Lori' is still sung by my Aunt for her grandchildren. Now thanks to Internet I may be able to gift her this song on a CD. Bappi Lahiri's another ever-melodious tune with well choosen words of lyricist Yogesh. Shabana's screen presence gives a wonder touch to this song.

Anonymous said...

' Halke halke ' by Lata and ' Gaon mere mann ' by Yesudas are two beautiful songs of ' Apne Paraye '.
Bappi Da's tunes are exhilarating. Yogesh's lyrics helps to set the mood of these songs perfectly.
One of the best bed-time songs I have heard in Hindi.

Gouri Dange said...

hello. how are you doing - i couldnt find any way to reply to your mail, and so i'm here. i'm not on facebook - i have no idea how my name is on facebook. i'm avoiding it because it seems to cough up long (and best) forgotten people.
so let's communicate on email, if that's ok with you?

memsaab said...

Lata should have quit singing by this point (at least for "heroines"), her voice is too old for Shabana. But it's a beautiful, beautiful song :-)

Indian said...

Beautiful song, melodious. Lata is simply amazing.

Anonymous said...

Lata is one of the legent of Indian singers.

Shonam dua said...

It really amazing songs i am sonny from Delhi, Love to wear designer sarees

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