September 18, 2008

Birthday wishes

I have not forgotten Shabana Azmi's birthday.

Warmest birthday wishes to the great lady, who turns 58 today.

I have not forgotten you, either, the readers of SLP. I've just been very, very tired and have had to cut back on the extracurriculars for a while as I work through some things. I would like to keep up with the news of Shabana ji and keep you all posted as well. But for the last couple of months the energy to do that simply hasn't been there. I will try to get back to a more regular posting schedule soon. In the meantime, please bear with me, accept my apologies, and read my comments on Loins of Punjab Presents, which I finally got to see last weekend.


JJC said...

wow 58 ..and she still looks so beautiful..
i am a fan of hers and so happy to randomly come across this blog..and so coincidentaly..i was just thinking a few days ago that if i wanted to idolize someone it would be shabana azmi. smart beautiful talented and carries herself so well..
she has made some wodnerful films and i hope to see them all eventually. (im loving your reviews at filmigeek);p

secretchamber4 said...


Hi... how are you... After along time isn't it...
I'm in Mumbai.. I was very busy with my work so couldn't really write...
Farhan came to my institute for a lecture last was about "Rock on" his new movie.. which is doing very well in India... I saw it twice and loved it.. all my friends also love it... "Sorry Bhai" is also going to be released here on 28th of November


Anonymous said...

Hey Carla,

Dunno if you've seen this -


Anonymous said...

i would like to be polite - how can i be really polite in explaining that shabana azmi is media attention seeker.

A great actress that she is, she even acts out her whole life. she is on the reels all the time.

And the activist part, being a spokesperson - yes she is all walk.

she is NOT as she is portrayed to be an activist because the causes she was working for did not have any difference because of her !!

she is a great actress, but being a human being is NOT one that she is.

I could have lied like others -- I have been with her in working relationships in many realms but I wanted to see what others saw without meeting and knowing her in person.

I cannot lie to myself, now can I?

Tanisha ( anonymous)

Anonymous said...

What's up Tanisha? What is so bad about her?

Anonymous said...

Hello! Today is a great day! I wish I could send my best birthday wishes to her. I'm from Brazil. I was searching everything about her and came here. This blog is wonderful. Please don't stop.

Anonymous said...

Hola..Soy de Uruguay y le deseo a a la Sra.Shabana un !!!Feliz cumpleaƱos!!!Gracias a este medio de comunicacion que es la Interned he conocido su trabajo,como muchas peliculas Indias que adoro.Larga vida Shabana.CLEO.

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