July 3, 2008

Gratuitous screencaps: Chor Sipahee (1977)

Here are some adorable screencaps from another film I haven't seen, Chor sipahee. You can read what Beth, who provided the screencappy goodness, has to say about the film here. It seems Shabana Azmi did not have an enormous part - but she did ride a motorcycle.

The outfit is questionable, the hair is interesting:

Tawaif routine, with Shashi Kapoor for company:

Glam, and quite lovely:

Listening carefully with Vinod Khanna:

No comment!


Anonymous said...

hi - just saw your site. and want to add my 2-penny's worth. i've known shabana for a while, and recently she agreed with grace and ease, to launch my novel, 3 Zakia Mansion, in mumbai. i continue to be stunned at the way she speaks - with such focus and conviction - about anything. the launch was a blast! she's also endorsed the book at the back of the book. what an artist - and what a friend! i dont know how to do it, but would have liked to insert a pic of her releasing the book for your site.

Filmi Geek said...

Thanks for the great comment Gouri - it's good to hear from you here. I had read about the launch of your book and had been meaning to do a news roundup post here that would mention it. Congratulations!

I would me more than delighted to post any pictures you may have - if you'd like you can email them to me (click the "view my complete profile" link for my email address). Or, if they are already hosted on line, just send me the URL. Thanks!