May 13, 2008

Shabana Azmi - now, in new peppermint flavor!

I've missed blogging about Shabana Azmi; it's real nice to get back to it.

Without this blog, I might miss pictures like this one:

One of the many reasons I hold Shabana ji in very high regard is her impeccably classy wardrobe. But this is the second bad sari post I've had to do here at SLP. Here's hoping it's just a random fluctuation rather than some deep flaw in the structure of the universe.

I will say this: Ain't nothing wrong with what's wrapped inside that awful sari. Shabana ji looks as gorgeous as ever!


Bollyviewer said...

Hey isnt she wearing the same ear-rings with both the bad sarees? Its not as bad as the saree in your previous bad saree post! Guess, she can make peppermint flavor look good!

By the way, noticed that your reviews do not include Ek Baar Kaho - a lovely remake of Come September. If you havent seen the movie yet, you should certainly do so. Its one of Shabana's most romantic movies and co-stars Naveen Nischol.

Filmi Geek said...

Oh dear, Bollyviewer - I hadn't noticed that about the earrings! I'm concerned that I am going to have to start a whole "bad sarees" category for the blog.

Thank you for the *Ek baar kaho* recommendation! I have not yet seen it - I will look out for it. I'm fairly certain I haven't run into it at my usual DVD sources but I will need to try to expand those soon as I start to run out of Shabana movies. That hasn't happened yet but it will eventually ...

Bollyviewer said...

You can watch it for free on the Rajshri website. Thats where I stumbled across it, many years after seeing it on TV!