February 27, 2008

Omigod, gorgeous!

... and I am not talking about Shabana Azmi.

That is Javed Akhtar, isn't it? I've never seen a picture of Javed sahib from that era. Oh my stars and garters, what a beautiful man. No wonder Shabana ji lost her head.

This picture comes from a most amazing collection of pictures of Shabana that was brought to my attention by HemaMalini of the BollyWHAT forums (not that Hema Malini, just someone named in her honor :D). The collection is full of shots I have never seen before. I could give you the link to the collection but ... that would just spoil my fun (*). Instead, stay tuned, and I'll post the highlights here over the weeks to come.

(*) Okay, if you ask me nice I'll share it with you.


Anonymous said...

I'm Aby from India
I saw your work.It is amazing.I am agreat fan of Shabana Azmi.I saw an old photo of Javed and Shabana which you got from some forums.I kindly request you to give me the link.please mail me that link or leave it here.
my email id:abyjohnmathew@gmail.com

I also have some rare pics of Shabana,if you want them then i'will mail them to you


Filmi Geek said...

Aby, you're spoiling my fun! :D

Nah, I'm just kidding - you asked so nicely that I just have to post the links. Just promise me this in exchange: come back to SLP and leave more comments! :D

Here are the two collections from a Russian discussion board: link and link. The second one has pictures of the actress known as Sarika mixed in with the pictures of Shabana. Don't forget to click the page numbers toward the bottom to see more pages of posts.

Though I've spilled the beans I'll keep reposting highlights from this exotic collection of pictures here. And Aby, if you have more unusual pictures I would love to see them and repost them; you can find my contact information on my Blogger profile page.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that that is indeed Javed sahib. I'm going to need DNA confirmation.

Filmi Geek said...

Dormeg, will the fact that Farhan looks just like the gentleman in the picture be a suitable substitute for DNA evidence given the obvious difficulty inherent in traveling back in time 25 years to take a sample from him?

Farhan: click here

Actually I am quite serious - I've been wrong about stupider stuff than this, so if anyone can confirm it's Javed sahib or say "no, you idiot, it's _____" I will be grateful.

Anonymous said...

That's Shekar Kapur (director of Masoom). She was purportedly involved with him before marrying Javed Akhtar.

Filmi Geek said...

Well Aparna, thank you. I find that harder to believe than that it was Javed sahib! I of course believe you though, because the nagging voice of "I don't know what I'm talking about" was begging for help here.

Anonymous said...

First time in my life I am writing few lines to one of my Shabana's fan. Yes she is mine actually I think so because I have taken so much interests about her, her life, her filmography, and it sometimes becomes a telepathy when my tv switch is off but I become suddenly conscious about hearing her sound from remote distance and then I when I see her on tv I get the most happiest moment in my life. THANKS THANKS THANKS for the great picture you provided. My respect to JAVED SAHAB also. I have an album on Shabana with some good pictures and writings.You can see my blog www.sourenbasu.blogspot.com. You can have an idea about me and also read my previous posts. THanks a lot. Stay in touch. My email is souren_basu@yahoo.co.in.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carla

It is indeed Shekhar Kapur's picture. Shabana and he were a steady pair before she married Javed Akhtar.