July 18, 2007

Sounds Like Power metapost

Well, it's been almost four weeks since the launch of Sounds Like Power, and so far it's been great fun for me - I hope for you too.

You may have noticed the random banners at the top of the page - hit reload a couple of times if you haven't. I like this silly feature - it's a way of keeping some of my favorite images of Shabana ji up front and frequently seen. Thanks to Beth for pointing me in the direction of the code I needed to hack to make this work, and also for making some of the banners!

You'll also have noticed a few of the regular features, like Shabana-gaana and the gratuitous screencaps. Substantive commentary on Shabana Azmi's films can be found at Filmi Geek or via the links in the sidebar, but I'll try to augment those here from time to time with comments that are specific to Shabana ji's work in a particular film, rather than to the film generally.

Coming soon, I'll start posting the updated version of the Geek's Guide to Shabana Azmi, which made its debut as a posting on the BollyWHAT? forum but actually was conceived in response to a comment Daddy's Girl made on one of my posts at Filmi Geek. The Geek's Guide is neither definitive nor authoritative; it's just my breakdown Shabana ji's films (well, the 25 or so that I've seen at this writing) into several categories that I hope can help guide the selections of those who wish to dive deeper into her career.

In addition to those regular features, I'll keep posting news and biographical tidbits as they crop up and strike my fancy. Please let me know if there is anything you would like to see - and please, if you come across an interesting news story or interview pass it along - please don't assume I've seen it. I look forward to your feedback and comments. As far as I know, Sounds Like Power is the only active blog or fan site on the internet devoted to Shabana Azmi, and so I feel that I am not only indulging my own fan-girlish impulses, but also filling a web-wide need.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the information about Shabana Azmi. You've done a wonderful job so far and I look forward to the next venture though I don't know how you will better Sounds Like Power.

Filmi Geek said...

*blush* thanks so much, I am glad you are enjoying it - though I think you are providing the best stuff! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I think the banners are great... I really enjoy this blog and have learnt a lot so far... keep up the good work!