June 24, 2007

Loins of Punjab Presents - trailer

This is not really news, but this blog didn't exist when news of this film was current earlier this year, so I'll put it up now for the benefit of those who might not have heard it the first time round.

Loins of Punjab Presents is Shabana ji's first feature after Honeymoon Travels. Written and directed by Manish Acharya as his graduation project from the film program at NYU, the film took the top prize at NYU's First Run Film Festival earlier this year.

Near as I can tell, Loins of Punjab Presents is an absurd and delightful comedy about a desi talent contest reality TV show in New Jersey. Shabana ji plays a socialite with an interest in the show's prize money; her character has been described as "pure evil". She speaks very highly of the film and of Manish Acharya.

Here is a blog posting by Manish on Ultrabrown, who attended a screening with the cast and crew. I am very hopeful that this film will be picked up for distribution in theaters, perhaps next year.

There was for a while an excellent long trailer on YouTube that introduced all of the characters. Unfortunately that trailer is no longer publicly available - I wish I knew why. Manish Acharya has made available a short trailer that does very little to provide the feel of the film, but here it is anyhow, until something more substantial is once again available.

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