December 25, 2007

Is Shabana in Nandita Das's film?

This from the Times of India - The crew of Nandita Das's directorial debut has run into some trouble when trying to shoot in a cemetery in Hyderabad. But the part of the story that stands out from an SLP point of view is this:

Police said the film crew of 'In Such Times', reportedly directed by actor and director Nandita Das and starring acclaimed actor Shabana Azmi, went to the Dargah-e-Buran-e-Shah in Santoshnagar on Monday morning. Neither Nandita Das nor any of the cast members of the documentary was present at the location.
Starring Shabana Azmi? This is the first I've heard of it. And my impression from my own poorly-worded run-in with Nandita ji is that she is tired of being compared to Shabana ji and is trying to distance herself from her. So I'm surprised at this casting, and perhaps even a little skeptical. Will keep you informed, of course.

Merry Christmas to all SLP's readers who celebrate the holiday. I do not, but it's a convenient time to take a week off, so I am on vacation this week and will take a little time to catch you up on some recent Shabana news and some stuff that readers have sent, and to recap the December poll. See you soon!


Anonymous said...

You've met Nandita? What was the meeting like?

Filmi Geek said...

It didn't go well. I wanted to ask her whether working with Shabana early in her career had been any kind of influence on her, but she misinterpreted my question as asking her whether she's following in Shabana's footsteps - she doesn't like this implication, which is understandable - and kind of bit my head off. I wanted to hide under my seat; I felt terrible.

It wasn't really meeting her, though; it was in a lecture hall full of people, so I could melt into relative anonymity.

I did much better when I met Shabana, because you see I could not find my tongue and so I said nothing at all; no chance to offend her that way. :/