October 5, 2007

"Raja ki kahani," Godmother (1999)

There's really nothing I can say in introduction to this week's Shabana-gaana. If you've seen Godmother, you already know how awesome this is. If you haven't seen Godmother, you will probably want to after you watch this video.


Beth said...

That's an amazing song! I haven't seen the movie, but to me her face says "I'm indulging you, but I'm also enjoying it a little," which melts into "whoopee!" by the end. I also like that it seems to have absolutely nothing to do with men - it's just women dancing with/for each other because of something that is pertinent to them.

Filmi Geek said...

Beth, I am very glad you liked it.

Since you suggested I offer some context for the song, here's a very little bit: Shabana's character has been elected to local government. Her first act in office is to put an end to a corrupt construction ring that was getting paid for installing water pumps but not actually installing them. The locals - especially the women, who no longer have to carry water up from the wells - are delighted with her!

I see the song as a symbolic expression of how far outside the traditional women's sphere the character has moved by this point in the movie. It's also just great fun to watch.